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C-Bond SystemS

What is C-Bond?

C-Bond is a patent protected, water-based, non-toxic, nanotechnology innovation designed to significantly increase the strength of glass, enhance glass flexibility and improve the performance of window film-to-glass products.

How does C-Bond Work?

C-Bond is a ‘smart solution’ engineered to maintain original glass design integrity while dramatically increasing the mechanical performance properties of the glass unit. It enables ordinary glass to dissipate energy by permeating the glass surface and identifying microscopic flaws and defects that are randomly distributed and a natural part of every glass surface. C-Bond’s proprietary technology then works to covalently bond to and repair the identified surface imperfections that weaken the glass composite structure and act as failure initiators.

The C-Bond formula also improves the performance of window film products by filling the capillary voids on the glass surface preventing the trapping of moisture and impurities that impede cure time and adhesion between the glass and any succeeding film product. This is important so that in case of impact, no large pieces will escape the immediate area of the glass surface that could otherwise result in serious laceration and/or personal injury."

C Bond Untreated Pressure Test from David Holman on Vimeo.

C Bond Treated Pressure Test from David Holman on Vimeo.

C-Bond Systems Video from David Holman on Vimeo.